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Social Media Management

Running a social media channel is no trivial business. If you have a small team without a dedicated person to manage your social accounts, or if your marketing team needs additional support due to growing activity, you are at the right place to get the support you need.

Your strong presence in the social world is not only important for keeping in close contact with your field and network, but can also be a driver of new leads. So, let’s get started.

Lyfsci has got you covered with:

  • General channel maintenance
  • Responding to comments and questions from followers
  • Following other relevant channels to keep in touch with the field, possibly re-sharing their content
  • Creating visual and textual content
  • Analyzing account statistics and reporting on them
  • Fine tuning the social media strategy of your organization
  • Running paid advertisement campaigns optimized for raising awareness or generating leads, as well as reporting on outcomes

TIP: Effectively managing your social presence can go hand in hand with your website’s content and SEO strategy. Regularly sharing news from your projects or general information from your field would make your online presence all the more attractive, both for humans and search engines.

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