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Services Overview


Publish blog content to help your SEO or craft powerful emails to generate leads


Improve your online presence in a way tailored to your goals

Graphic Design

Create web or print designs that stand out and deliver your message effectively


Make understanding complex biological processes easy as pie

Social Media Management

Expand your reach and increase engagement

Project Communications

Make communications between your partners easy and efficient

Press Relations

Publish press releases and make sure they reach the local press


Strategy & Planning

Rely on data, research and planning in your way to success

Event Management

Organize impactful events with a seemless flow

Something Different?

Above are not quite what you want? Lyfsci may still help you.

Your Goals, Your Solution

Let’s say you are a research service provider for pharma / biotech companies, and your overall goal is to increase your revenue continuously in the next 5 years. How do you approach this challenge? Depending your answers, your target audience and optimal tactics would change. For example, you may want to…

Increase number of leads

Attract larger projects

Enhance return sales

Let’s also say you decided the key ingredient and the priority for your success is generating new leads. Your audience typically goes through different phases in their journey. Depending on at which phase you want to capture their attention, your tactics, as well as your outcome expectations, would be further defined.

customer journey

For example, if you are after a quick boost in your sales, you may want to implement a Google Ads campaign. This way, you will target people who are already looking for a solution you offer. These kind of ‘outbound’ efforts require continuous investment but convert more quickly.

sales funnel

If you think you are better off filling the top of your sales funnel with a large number of relevant prospects, attracting them to a landing page by various types of content (social posts, newsletters, blog articles, webinars etc.) would serve you well. Of course this landing page would have a contact form that helps your audience take the next steps in their journey. These kind of ‘inbound’ efforts require time to build but they continue providing returns with little or no extra investment.

Your sustainable growth will surely come from the interplay between outbound and inbound marketing!

inbound vs outbound marketing

Optimized for Life Sciences

One fact remains: All your efforts should be able to speak to your specific audience, which likely is a mixture of scientists and executives. This means your content should be factual, concise, and attractive all at once. Lyfsci brings a combined expertise in life sciences and marketing to tackle this challenge!

In depth academic understanding

Tailored to i.e. pharma, biotech, CRO

From complex to accessible

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