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Hello, I am Tulya Kavaklioglu. I work as a freelance marketer and communicator under the brand name Lyfsci (read “life” and “sci”, as in life sciences). I have a background both in life sciences and marketing, so what I offer you surpasses what anyone else in either field alone can.

When you want to create a series of interviews, organize an event, or increase traffic to your website, one thing always remains the same: They should bring you measurable results. With a fresh and strategic approach, I will help you get there easily and quickly.


A strategic approach

The support I provide you can be at a purely tactical level. However, to ensure that we are working toward your goals, I will provide you a full overview of strategic decisions and measurements. This is how we will achieve success, together.

The education and experience I gained over many years are how I am able to deliver tactics that only support your mission and vision. After finishing a bachelor’s program in molecular biology and genetics, as well as a master’s program in experimental and clinical neurosciences, I worked as a researcher for 3 years. Afterwards, I received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing and communication, which allowed me to get closer with biotechnology industry. I also have 8+ years of applied marketing and project management knowledge in performance arts sector, which I practice as a hobby.

Would you like to learn more?

To have a better overview of my background, please feel free to download here my resume, portfolio or research projects overview. I also invite you to send me short message to connect on LinkedIn.

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