Marketing, communication

and pr services for

Life Sciences Organizations

Specializing in biotechnology, biomedical industry and life sciences research, Lyfsci helps you reach your marketing and communication goals.

Why Choose Lyfsci?

When you communicate your brand’s value to your audience, you not only need compelling and aesthetic content, but you also need someone to do it with a deep understanding of your offering, your audience, and your market. Lyfsci’s combined expertise in life sciences and marketing is your perfect solution.

Lyfsci Offers You

Written Content

Publish blog content to help your SEO or craft powerful emails to generate leads


Improve your online presence in a way tailored to your goals

Graphic Design

Create web or print designs that stand out and deliver your message effectively


Make understanding complex biological processes easy as pie

Social Media Management

Get social with your followers and increase their involvement

Press Relations

Publish press releases and make sure they reach the local press


Strategy & Planning

Rely on data, research and planning in your way to success

Project Communications

Make communications between your partners easy and efficient

Event Management

Organize impactful events with a seemless flow

Something Different?

Above are not quite what you want? Lyfsci may still help you.

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